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Gaia's Dream


Gaia's Dream does not use any fossil fuels in her normal use. She runs totally on alternative energy sources, sun, wind, bio fuel and ethanol.

She can be used in a passenger mode or cargo mode or a mix of both.

Her major advantage is her high speed; she can cover twice as much ground as a mono hull and will use less fuel.
Her rugged construction and large size insures that she even can keep going in all weather. She should be able to achieve 240 miles a day without cargo.

The figures indicate that she can sail without cargo from Australia to Europe in less than 2 months; this includes the use of 1200 litres of bio fuel. Her top speed under sail in the right conditions is over 20 knots; in calm weather on the engine she will make 10 knots with a normal range of 1200 miles; (which can be extended). She is highly maneuvrable.

Principal dimensions of Gaia's Dream:

Gaia's Dream is a versatile proa. She has a variety of uses, including.