The big hull
Putting things together...
...into the water
The interior
Sitting on my new boat
Masts with the wishbones
For the first time under sail
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Gaia 2

Sailing with Gaia 1, I realised she was too light and small to go overseas. So I designed and built the proa Gaia 2 in the summer of 1991. The big hull from Gaia 1 became the small hull for Gaia 2.

* Length big hull: 12 meters
* Length small hull: 9 meters
* Beams: 6.10 meters
* Displacement empty: 1.5 tons
* Loading capacity: 1.5 tons
* 2 Aluminium masts; each sail with a wishbone
* 2Jibs.

I wanted the boat to be effectivily free of fossil fuel, so I installed one 75 Watt solar panel and a self-made wind generator. I also designed and made a wind vane self-steering system. I only used the 4 HP outboard (and fossil fuel) of Gaia 1 to enter harbours.

I decided on a tacking proa as I had limited experience in sailing proa's overseas.